A+ CabZone LE by Shift Line Cabinet Simulator Review

➤ Timestamps / Contents
0:55 Price/Availability
2:45 Unboxing
3:15 Features
3:49 Weight & Size
4:07 Disassembly
5:39 Current consumption
5:56 In action / Built-in IRs
9:56 3rd-party IRs
11:17 Connection options
13:10 More IRs from Shift Line
14:48 Latency test
15:21 Custom firmware
16:25 Summary

I have some videos on IR based cabinet simulators and here’s one more – A+ CabZone LE by Shift Line.
This one goes a little further than others, giving users a way to upload their own code to the hardware. The very first open source IR cabsim? Well, watch the video to find out.

Latency test is explained here: youtu.be/l3wnJGtoG5w?t=906

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