Two notes Le Lead preamp. Full review + undocumented feature!

2:21 Price/Availability
3:03 Unboxing
3:38 Features
5:33 Weight & Size
6:33 Disassembly
12:27 Is it true bypass?
13:26 Current consumption
14:27 Power supply test
15:47 Sound test
23:07 Le Lead with pedals
25:05 Le Lead with a power amp
27:00 Built-in cabsim
29:04 FX loop
30:42 Le Lead into an amp
33:01 MIDI
36:31 Undocumented feature
37:38 The Wall Of Sound (Cabsim software)
40:22 Summary

First impression on Le Preamps

This is the edited version of a livestream from July 1, 2018.
Everything you want to know about Le Lead preamp from Two notes.
As you’ll see, this pedal is ridiculously flexible and truly deserves to be called a Furious Unicorn 🙂
Oh, and there’s an undocumented feature. You had no idea Le Lead could do this!

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