Xvive U2 guitar wireless system. Full review

➤ Timestamps / Contents
0:58 Price and availability
2:15 Unboxing
4:25 Weight & size
5:13 Disassembly
7:18 Different guitars
9:08 Features
11:01 Charging while playing
12:49 Battery life
14:03 Charge time
15:05 Latency test
17:55 Frequency response
19:05 Noise test
22:13 High input level, headroom
23:12 Wireless range test, shootout
26:34 Interference tests
28:26 Multiple units at once
29:15 Summary

Here’s my in-depth review of Xvive U2 guitar wireless system. Don’t miss the shootout vs Line6 Relay G30 at the end of the video.

➤ My video on Xvive U3: youtu.be/ftDz2d8O6DY
➤ My video on Xvive U3c: youtu.be/gZTNr-jFRZ4

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