Yerasov BC-10, RS-10 & RT-10 Distortion Pedals Review

0:51 Price & availability
1:19 Unboxing
2:13 Weight & size
2:43 Bypass test
3:10 Current consumption
3:40 Disassembly
4:01 Sound test/shootout
20:20 Different amps
21:44 Summary

Hello there! Here is my review on Yerasov BC-10, RS-10 and RT-10 distortion pedals.
Your questions are welcome! I will try to answer all of them.

Official Yerasov website/online store:

Equipment used:

Yerasov SCS BC-10 distortion
Yerasov SCS RS-10 distortion
Yerasov SCS RT-10 distortion
Yerasov SCS Chorus CH-10
Yerasov SCS Delay DM-60
Yerasov SCS Foottswitch FS-12
Yerasov SCS Pedalboard PB-6
Yerasov Blackspace
Mesa/Boogie Mark V
Orange Tiny Terror
AMT Stonehead 50-4
Harley Benton FXL8 Pro (thanks to Thomann. Check for details)