Yerasov IRon Cab cabinet simulatior. Full review

Latency related bug was found after this video went online. It ultimately increased device’s latency to 2.9ms instead of 1.3ms. I’ll give you an update on this very soon!

0:50 Price & availability
1:25 Unboxing
3:19 Weight & size
3:50 Disassembly
4:36 Current consumption
4:50 Firmware update
6:19 Navigation/Menus/Sound
25:39 Software
31:58 Phones, Aux, MIDI
34:00 Latency Test
34:34 IRon Cab vs NadIR
35:09 Summary

Hello there! Here is my review on Yerasov IRon Cab IR based Cabinet Simulator.
Your questions are welcome! I will try to answer all of them.

Equipment used:

Yerasov FETube American Modern AM-5
Yerasov FETube British Citrus BC-5
Yerasov SP-1 Splitter